Consh is an extremely simple Unix shell (like bash or csh or ksh) written in Python. It is almost certainly too simplistic for you to actually use as a day-to-day shell. Its only real use is learning how Unix shells work, by seeing the interaction between the fork, exec and wait system calls coded up concisely (< 100 LOC) in a friendly and easy-to-read language. If you are after a somewhat more serious attempt at implementing a Unix shell in Python, you can check out Pysh or Pyshell, which seem to be more serious projects. These projects also beat me to the obvious names for such a program, hence my having to settle on Consh. Consh is a deliberate misspelling of "conch", the first kind of shell with a name I could actually think of, ending in "sh" to fit in with the convention for naming shell.


HTTPeek is distributed under a standard 3-clause BSD license. It's as free as software gets.


Download the latest version of Consh, Consh 0.1, which was released on October 29, 2008.


Bug reports and suggestion for improvement of Consh are very welcome: just email them to me. Full credit will be given on this page for bug reports, fixes, etc. Feel free to email me even just to let me know you think Consh is neat, too.