How to email me

If you want to contact me about anything on this site, the best way to do so is almost certainly via email.

I have a lot of email addresses which you might find floating around different parts of the web or on papers I've published, etc. Many of these are probably still valid, but some of them might not be. There is exactly one address which I guarantee I will keep working and checking into the future, and that's this one:

first name at last name dot id dot au

If you are contacting me for the first time ever, or you've tried using an address that we previously corresponded through an had a bounceback or not received a reply, I strongly encourage you to update your address book and use the address above for all future emails.

I have PGP key linked to this email address, which you can use to encrypt any emails you send me (please note than an older key you may have downloaded was revoked in September 2012).