Homemade ROVs

Toward the end of 2010 I got interested in building homemade ROVS, or Remotely Operated Vehicles. This page lists the ROVs I either am building, have built or hope to build.

ROV Mercury

Mercury is my first ROV, which is currently under construction. It's very simple in terms of construction and capacities, and is basically just me, if you'll excuse the pun, testing the waters of homemade ROVs. Mercury is powered by unmodified bilge pumps, which are controlled in an on/off fashion by relays, which are in turn controlled directly by pushing buttons on a hand-held control unit. It has one camera and one light, and no claws or other tools. It’s pretty much as simple as a hobbyist ROV can get.

Dedicated Mercury page

ROV Gemini

Gemini will be my second ROV, which will benefit from whatever lessons I learn from building and piloting Mercury, and also be considerably more advanced in design. Here's what I currently have in mind for Gemini:

ROV Apollo

Apollo will be my third ROV, if I still have the motivation for this hobby after building Gemini. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself so I don’t have any definite plans for Apollo yet, but here are some things I’ll definitely consider: