Homebrew computing

Sometime in 2013 I got into homebrew computing.



The LM-512 is my unimaginatively-named first homebrew computer. It has a Z80 CPU clocked at 10MHz, 512kB of RAM and 8kB of ROM. Onboard peripherals are two UARTs, a Real Time Clock and two 16-bit interval timers. There is an IDE interface which I use with an adaptor for CompactFlash cards, as well as an expansion interface to connect up to 4 external devices via a ribbon cable. Probably the most novel thing about the LM-512 is that it has an 8-way prioritised interrupt system. Despite the high amount of RAM and peripherals, I tried to keep the board fairly true to the spirit of 1980s computing: all parts are through-hole and all communication is done over the Z80's parallel address and databuses - no microcontrollers acting as SPI/I2C bridges here!