Photo of Luke

Welcome to my website.

By day I am a cognitive scientist. I'm interested in similarities and differences between biological evolution and the evolution of culturally transmitted things like languages or scientific theories. I explore questions in this space using mathematical and computation models, often with strong Bayesian or information theoretic flavours. I support open access and reproducable computational science.

By night I am something of a hacker, in most of the traditional senses of that word. I write free software, mostly in Python. Statistically speaking, you are most likely to know me for PrettyTable, if anything; I'd like to be known for some cool cypherpunk project one day. More recently I have started designing free hardware; mostly audio electronics and homebrew computing stuff.

In pursuit of the above, I am occasionally motivated to write something. In theory, long and detailed stuff becomes an article, which is occasionally updated for accuracy, completeness and up-to-dateness, while shorter, off-the-cuff stuff becomes an uncurated blog post. In practice, I put things wherever I put them.

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